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You can send a donkey 3 times around the world.
When it gets back? It's still a donkey.

I worked my whole life in design and print and everything graphics, including building websites, everything web, display, illustration, and now, for my own fun and entertainment, I've been broadening my horizons.

It‘s not all story telling and illustrated books, there’s a lot of other stuff created outside of his work environment (want to see where he works?) but for the time being that’s the staple diet. There’s another novel in the pipeline, this time a grisly psychological horror, there’s also a brothers Grimm style fairy tale pop up books that you should never show your children on the way too. I'm even dabbling in sculpture and textiles. And there's always going to be plenty of little flickers in between.

For now though, why not click something, see what’s already available, see if you can figure out what makes me tick... I'm certain I don't know, any help would be greatfully received. ;) Enjoy.